2-1 Stages of the project

2-1.1 Choice of a MOO environment

This part of the project started by studying various MOO environments and especially those offering virtual space for research communities world-wide. Two environments have been particularly interesting, the MediaMOO and the BioMOO. The MediaMOO is an environment designed to enhance professional community among media researchers. Indeed MOO as a communication medium for communities and as a learning environment is an important concern for the MediaMOO people. The BioMoo is dedicated to research in biology. it is used as a virtual meeting place using both the WWW interface and the MOO server. Both environments are particularly interesting for they host living communities since about two years and hundreds of scientists or students around the globe have registered. These environments, although they are not exactly similar to the ones we are concerned with are relevant for us to know how virtual communities do evolve spontaneously and what tools people use to manage such virtual communities. We thus introduced ourselves to these communities, evolved in their environment and talked to people to have a better idea of how these communities really work.

VMDL/MOO Report - 17 FEB 1996

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