The Virtual Reality Modeling Language Specification

Version 2.0, ISO/IEC WD 14772

August 4, 1996

This document is the official and complete specification of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, (VRML), Version 2.0.


1 Scope

A Grammar


2 References

B Examples

3 Definitions

C Java
(Aug 4 96 version)

4 Concepts

D JavaScript

5 Nodes

E Bibliography

6 Fields and Events

F Index

7 Conformance

The Foreword provides background on the standards process for VRML, and Introduction describes the conventions used in the specification. The following annexes define the specifications for VRML:

1. Scope defines the problems that VRML addresses.
2. References lists the normative standards referenced in the specification.
3. Definitions contains the glossary of terminology used in the specification.
4. Concepts describes various fundamentals of VRML.
5. Nodes defines the syntax and semantics of VRML.
6. Fields specifies the datatype primitives used by nodes.
7. Conformance describes the minimum support requirements for a VRML implementation.

There are several appendices included in the specification:

A. Grammar presents the BNF for the VRML file format.
B. Examples includes a variety of VRML example files.
C. Java describes how VRML scripting integrates with Java.
D. JavaScript describes how VRML scripting integrates with JavaScript.
E. Bibliography lists the informative, non-standard topics referenced in the specification.
F. The Index lists the concepts, nodes, and fields in alphabetical order.

The Document Change Log summarizes significant changes to this document and Credits lists the major contributors to this document:

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