vrml1to2 - convert VRML1.0 file to VRML 2.0 file (version 1.6)

trouve ici: http://sonypic.com/vs/vrml1to2E.html

This program converts a VRML1.0 file to a VRML2.0 file.
Please send e-mail to vs_info@vs.sony.co.jp about any difficulties.

1. Usage

   vrml1to2 infile [outfile] [-r[z][v]] [-space N] [-help]

     infile:   	specifies input filename
     outfile:  	specifies output filename
		If outfile is not specified, the result is outputed to stdout.
     -space N:	specifies TAB indentation(N is the number of space).
     -help:	displays help message.

   additional functions

     1) -r option

      - convert the WRL file in WWWInline recurcively.
      - If the WRL file is gzipped, it will be melted automaticaly and
        converted. The temporary files will be removed.
        The gzip commend is required to use "-r" option.

      - If the directory to make the translated file does not exist,
        It will be created.

      - If the name of the input directory is same to the output directory,
        the name of the output directory will be added "20" strings.

        example) convert with -r option.

            WWWInline { name "b.wrl.gz" } -> Inline { url "b20.wrl" }

            conver with -rz optin.

            WWWInline { name "b.wrl.gz" } -> Inline { url "b20.wrl.gz" }

     2) -z option
      - The converted output file will be gzipped.
        This option will work with -r option.

     3) -v option

      - output the message in stderr format.
        This option will work with -r option.

  ex) % vrml1to2 vrml1.wrl vrml2.wrl

2. Translation table

This program supports the following nodes.
	Rotation:            'Tranform' node's 'rotation' field
	IndexedLineSet:      not supported.
	PointSet:            not supported.
	WWWAnchor:           'Anchor' node
	AsciiText:           'Text' node
	PerspectiveCamera:   'Viewpoint' node
	OrthographicCamera:  'Viewpoint' node
	Cube:                'Box' node
	Info:                'WorldInfo' node
	Separator:           'Transform' node
	WWWInline:           'Inline' node
	MaterialBinding:     'IndexedFaceSet' node's 'colorPerVerTex' field
	NormallBinding:      'IndexedFaceSet' node's 'normalPerVerTex' field
	ShapeHints:          'IndexedFaceSet' node's 'convex' field
	TextureCoordinate2:  'IndexedFaceSet' node's 'texCoord' field
	FonstStyle:          'Text' node's 'fontStyle' field
The following nodes are converted into the nodes which are correspond to VRML2.0.
	Cone, Coordinate3, Cylinder, DirectionalLight, 	Group,
	IndexedFaceSet, LOD, Material, Normal, PointLight,
	Normal, PointLight, Sphere, Switch, SpotLight

3. Version

version 1.6 - Sept 20 1996
version 1.3 - Jun 13 1996
version 1.2a - Jun 05 1996
version 1.2 - May 30 1996
Copyright(C) 1996 Sony Corporation.
based on final VRML 2.0 (August 4, 1996)