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Color Demonstrator Applet

The Applets demonstrate VRML color (with 2 different simple sources of light)

The Java 1.0.2 version should work with Netscape 4.04 and CosmoPlayer or WorldView under Win95. It sort of works with Netscape 3/Irix and CP 1.02 or Netscape 3/Win/CP2.

Those who have the Netscape 4.06 (at least) or an old Netscape 4.04 with Java 1.1 patch installed can try the Java 1.1.5 version.

Sorry we don't have the time to play with Microsoft's Explorer. Dealing with different Netscape versions is bad enough.

This applet has been developped for our VRML Primer and Tutorial. It's freeware if you give us credit.