XML Visualization with XSLT and SVG

This is work in progress, use under your own risk :)

Basically the goal is to visualize information contained in the xml files by applying a xslt stylesheet. Should display with the SVG plugin from Adobe

proj*.xml  = XML text files with informations about a student project
proj*.html = same as HTML for reading over the Web
project.xsl = the XSLT that translates to HTML

visu*.xsl  = stylesheet for XML -> SVG      <=== THIS IS the cool thing here
proj*.svg  = the result.

*.bat      = simplify batch production on a windows machine
Note: This is all static stuff, you need an XSLT processor if you whish to reproduce translations. Normally I would use Cocoon or client-side processing, but client-side XSLT is not reliable and Cocoon is out since I am playing with SVG on my portable when I am disconnected.
Last modified: Tue Jan 22 20:00:10 MET 2002