Portals Pointers @ TECFA

"Portals" is used in a wide sense here. We focus specifically on collaborative information portals, but sometimes have pointers to any sort of portal software, e.g. enterprise application integration (EAI software), "smart" Forums and News Pages, Enterprise Information Portals, even a little bit of CSCW or Groupware systems. On the Internet we can see the emergence of what I call C3MS systems: Community, Collaboration and Content Management Systems.

You can find more variety in this older page. We specifically do NOT target educational platforms here. We just mention a few free and/or non-behavioristic platforms.

Portals @ TECFA

Tecfa doesn't have a central portal, but we might use some portal technology to re-implement our own little Virtual Campus. Inside our traditional large website we do run some portals (PostNuke, phpWebSite and PhpWebLog, phpWiki, Swiki and more) and we may add a portal add-on to our homepage (in summer 2002) if we have time...



Some community related theory and concepts

Knowledge Management

Portals, learning and education

WebLog Toolkits and thoughts about weblogs

Business speak

(too little, just a few so you can learn some vocabulary)

Information architectures and large CMS



Open/Free News & small CMS Portal software

Our interests are focused on collaborative media applications, (things that are between or include CMS, BBS and weblog)

Coll. Hypertexts / Wikis

If you don't know what a wiki is, check for example http://wikipedia.com/.

Open/Free News & CMS Portal software comparisons

Weblog hosting sites and programs

Commercial or free. (am not familiar with these, and there must be many more).

Other Hosting

I am not familiar with these.

Application servers

See also Information & News Portals, increasingly they serve just anything, including applications. Note: Commercial stuff like BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, IPlanet, Domino Caucus Systems etc. are not mentionned here. Same goes for complex databases such as Oracle. For more free stuff, see other places, e.g. Web Environments on Source forge

XML-based Webapp, Content & Document Management Systems

(well: mostly XML-based, some traditional commercial CMS also)

Other groupware

Educational platforms

This section is BY NO MEANS complete. There are other pages for this, e.g. the Comparison of Web Based Course Environments @ edutech.ch or Bruce Landon's Online educational delivery applications. None of these systems are deployed at TECFA. The only educational platform we run (so that our students gain some experience in the area) is WebCT. However, I know persons who sucessfully run Ganesha. I also played with Claroline which seems to do fine.

Other / Various

Examples of Portals

(info, community, weblog, commerce, combined, ...)

In Education

(Of course there are portals for education/educators etc. These are not all mentionned here.)


(only simple ones)



See also general Webmaster's indexes or more specialized things like serverpages.com, in particular for do-it your own with PHP, JSP, whatever.


Mostly centered around community building for now

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