G.2 Debugging a MySQL client

To be able to debug a MySQL client with the integrated debug package, you should configure MySQL with --with-debug. 4.7.3 Typical configure options.

Before running a client, you should set the MYSQL_DEBUG environment variable:

shell> MYSQL_DEBUG=d:t:O,/tmp/client.trace
shell> export MYSQL_DEBUG

This causes clients to generate a trace file in `/tmp/client.trace'.

If you have problems with your own client code, you should attempt to connect to the server and run your query using a client that is known to work. Do this by running mysql in debugging mode (assuming you have compiled MySQL with debugging on):

shell> mysql --debug=d:t:O,/tmp/client.trace

This will provide useful information in case you mail a bug report. 2.3 How to report bugs or problems.

If your client crashes at some 'legal' looking code, you should check that your `mysql.h' include file matches your mysql library file. A very common mistake is to use an old `mysql.h' file from an old MySQL installation with new MySQL library.