Classes used in examples and/or for teaching. DO NOT count on these being the
best and latest !! I will sometimes clean up this mess, but not now

javagently.jar     classes from the javagently book
jsdk.jar           servlet classes (2.1) included with the OUTDATED JSDK kit.
ldap.jar           generic ldap interface (included in Java 2 ?)
mysql.jar          latest version of MySQL jdbc driver used a tecfa
msql-jdbc.jar      latest version of mSQL (NOT MySQL) jdbc driver used a tecfa
providerutil.jar   providerutil ldap interface
servlet.jar        servlet classes distributed with tomcat 3.2 (probably servlet 2.2)
swing.jar          Swing for JDK 1.x (included in Java 2 / JEDK 1.2)
vrml-cosmo-eai.jar VRML/EAI classes distributed with Cosmo
xalan.jar          XSLT processor xalan/apache 
xerces.jar         XML parser Xerces/apache (WATCH out for different VERSIONS !!)

2/99 - 1/2001 DKS