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3.0 The Supreme Commander

3.1 Units

As the highest power in your civilization, you have direct control over your people and their works. The main game map shows the natural and man-made map elements described in previous sections. It also shows the fixed cities and mobile units of your civilization and others. The units of your nation are moved by you to accomplish your goals.

With a few exceptions, units are produced by cities, at the expenditure of production points. Once completed, they may remain in their cities or move about the map. They may explore, improve the land, attack enemy units, fond cities, and perform other special duties. What purposes are suited for a unit depend on its general type, its strengths in movement, attack, and defense, and the special features of its type.

Units are typically owned by some city, originally the city in which the unit was produced. (Units gained by exploring a Village are owned by the city that owns the unit that entered the Village.) Depending on your form of Government, cities may be responsible for providing support for their units; support may be in production points or in food points. Also depending on your government, the location or even the existence of units in or outside a city may influence the morale of the city (see Government). If one civilization stimulates a revolt in a city of another civilization, it gains in addition to the city all of the units owned by the city, except those which are inside other cities.

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