Description of Gods

Below in boxes, the gods in your compiled version of Crossfire are shown. Use the command crossfire -m8 to check if the information presented here is accurate.

(Note: you need to have compiled with the DUMP\_SWITCHES and MULTIPLE_GODS flags for this to work!) The boxed attributes have meaning as follows:

Enemy cult: Name of the enemy god
Aligned race(s): Names of races friendly to the cult. The priest of this cult has greater power over these creatures. In some cases the prayer summon cult monsters will summon these monsters to help the priest.
Enemy race(s): Names of races hated by the cult. ``Holy word'' prayers of this god may be used to kill these creatures.
Attacktype(s): Attacktypes used by this god's avatar and by cult cause wounds prayers.
Immunity: Granted by the holy possession prayer.
Protected: Granted to a cult priest and by the bless prayer.
Vulnerable: Given to a cult priest and by the curse prayer.
Attunded: The cult priest is attuned to these spellpaths.
Repelled: The cult priest is repelled to these spellpaths.
Denied: The cult priest is denied use of these spellpaths.
Added gifts/limits: A cult priest has these addtional benefits and restrictions.

Note that not all gods have values for all possible attributes. In this case, no attribute will appear in that god's box.

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