Crossfile Installation at Tecfa


X clients

Usually played from X/Solaris: type 'crossclient' in a terminal

Win 32 (for direct-X missing machines like NT)

Client Home Page. A maybe OLD local copy is in clients directory.

Extract from the readme file for the Cfc06121 client:

  F2  - command string
  F3  - ground items
  F4  - inventory mode
  F5  - map mode
  F6  - container ( if available )
  F7  - chat window
  ESC - minimize 

map mode
    arrow keys, numpad keys - direction move
    A     - apply first object currently on ground
    space - apply default object
    G     - get default object
    enter - apply first non-pickable object on ground
    E     - examine default object
    mouse click - move into directions shown by cursor
    Shift + click - run into direction while shift is held
    Ctrl + click - fire into direction while mouse buttton is held

inventory mode, ground
    arrow keys - item selection
    enter -  open menu
    A  - apply
    E  - examine
    G  - get into inventory ( from ground or from container )
    D  - drop on ground ( from inventory or container )
    L  - lock
    M  - mark
    P  - put item in currently opened container
   Alt+R  run mode toggle ( really it is started after a direction is pressed )
   Alt+F  fire mode toggle ( similar to run )
   Ctrl+S save character ( remember, if server accidentally crashes, you
                           may lose xp and nice looted stuff, so save! )
   Ctrl-C show spell window
   Ctrl-R ready selected spell in selected list (last clicked)
   Ctrl-P ready selected priest spell
   Ctrl-W ready selected wizard spell
   Ctrl-B show bind window (also bind window is opened by 'bind command)
   Ctrl0 .. Ctrl9  execute binded command

chat mode
    Ctrl+Enter while typing text - say or shout, see pressed button
    Enter      while typing text - tell to selected person    

Direct X client

Client Home Page


Servers are up and down, run under either Solaris 8 or Irix 6.3