hm-html-mode bindings

This mode is most useful when used with xemacs (at Tecfa automatically loaded when you open a *.html file under unix Gnu emacs or Xemacs).
Major Mode Bindings Starting With C-c:
key             binding
---             -------

C-c C-a t	hm--html-add-link-target
C-c C-a l	hm--html-add-normal-link
C-c C-a C-p	hm--html-add-local-proggate-link
C-c C-a p	hm--html-add-proggate-link
C-c C-a C-w	hm--html-add-wais-link
C-c C-a w	hm--html-add-direct-wais-link
C-c C-a control	hm--html-add-mailto-link
C-c C-a m	hm--html-add-mail-link
C-c C-a n	hm--html-add-news-link
C-c C-a C-f	hm--html-add-ftp-link
C-c C-a f	hm--html-add-file-link
C-c C-a g	hm--html-add-gopher-link
C-c C-a i	hm--html-add-info-link
C-c C-a h	hm--html-add-html-link
C-c C-a r	hm--html-add-relative-link

C-c control p	hm--html-add-applet
C-c control a	hm--html-add-applet
C-c control b	hm--html-add-image-bottom
C-c control m	hm--html-add-image-middle
C-c control t	hm--html-add-image-top


C-c C-f d	hm--html-new-date
C-c C-f c	hm--html-insert-changed-comment
C-c C-f s	hm--html-add-signature
C-c C-f a	hm--html-add-address
C-c C-f n	hm--html-add-normal-node-link
C-c C-f h	hm--html-add-header
C-c C-f t	hm--html-add-title
C-c C-f b	hm--html-add-body
C-c C-f meta	hm--html-add-head
C-c C-f control	hm--html-insert-created-comment
C-c C-f f	hm--html-add-full-html-frame


C-c C-s h	hm--html-add-horizontal-rule
C-c C-s RET	hm--html-add-line-break
C-c C-s C-p	hm--html-add-paragraph-separator
C-c C-s p	hm--html-add-paragraph
C-c C-s C-t	Prefix Command
C-c C-s C-d	Prefix Command
C-c C-s d	hm--html-add-directory-list
C-c C-s o	hm--html-add-numberlist
C-c C-s u	hm--html-add-list
C-c C-s m	hm--html-add-menu
C-c C-s i	hm--html-add-list-or-menu-item-to-region


C-c C-p a	hm--html-add-abstract
C-c C-p l	hm--html-add-listing
C-c C-p b	hm--html-add-blockquote
C-c C-p w	hm--html-add-preformated
C-c C-p o	hm--html-add-plaintext


C-c C-w ESC	Prefix Command
C-c C-w C-s	hm--html-add-strong
C-c C-w e	hm--html-add-emphasized
C-c C-w C-b	hm--html-add-subscript
C-c C-w C-p	hm--html-add-superscript
C-c C-w s	hm--html-add-strikethru
C-c C-w t	hm--html-add-fixed
C-c C-w u	hm--html-add-underline
C-c C-w i	hm--html-add-italic
C-c C-w b	hm--html-add-bold

C-c C-o ESC i	hm--html-form-add-input-isindex


C-c C-o C-t	hm--html-form-add-textarea
C-c C-o l	hm--html-form-add-select-scrolled-list
C-c C-o m	hm--html-form-add-select-option-menu
C-c C-o o	hm--html-form-add-select-option
C-c C-o u	hm--html-form-add-input-url
C-c C-o t	hm--html-form-add-input-text
C-c C-o s	hm--html-form-add-input-submit
C-c C-o C-s	hm--html-form-add-input-scribble
C-c C-o C-r	hm--html-form-add-input-reset
C-c C-o r	hm--html-form-add-input-radio
C-c C-o p	hm--html-form-add-input-password
C-c C-o ESC	Prefix Command
C-c C-o TAB	hm--html-form-add-input-integer
C-c C-o i	hm--html-form-add-input-image
C-c C-o C-f	hm--html-form-add-input-float
C-c C-o d	hm--html-form-add-input-date
C-c C-o c	hm--html-form-add-input-checkbox
C-c C-o a	hm--html-form-add-input-audio
C-c C-o f	hm--html-add-form


C-c C-s C-t C-r	hm--html-add-additional-table-row
C-c C-s C-t r	hm--html-add-first-table-row
C-c C-s C-t h	hm--html-add-table-header
C-c C-s C-t C-t	hm--html-add-table-title
C-c C-s C-t t	hm--html-add-table


C-c C-s C-d C-t	hm--html-add-description-title-and-entry
C-c C-s C-d e	hm--html-add-description-entry
C-c C-s C-d t	hm--html-add-description-title
C-c C-s C-d l	hm--html-add-description-list

C-c C-w ESC b	hm--html-add-big
C-c C-w ESC s	hm--html-add-small

C-c M-r C-w ESC	Prefix Command
C-c M-r C-w C-s	hm--html-add-strong-to-region
C-c M-r C-w e	hm--html-add-emphasized-to-region
C-c M-r C-w C-b	hm--html-add-subscript-to-region
C-c M-r C-w C-p	hm--html-add-superscript-to-region
C-c M-r C-w s	hm--html-add-strikethru-to-region
C-c M-r C-w t	hm--html-add-fixed-to-region
C-c M-r C-w u	hm--html-add-underline-to-region
C-c M-r C-w i	hm--html-add-italic-to-region
C-c M-r C-w b	hm--html-add-bold-to-region

C-c M-r C-p a	hm--html-add-abstract-to-region
C-c M-r C-p l	hm--html-add-listing-to-region
C-c M-r C-p b	hm--html-add-blockquote-to-region
C-c M-r C-p w	hm--html-add-preformated-to-region
C-c M-r C-p o	hm--html-add-plaintext-to-region

C-c M-r C-s p	hm--html-add-paragraph-to-region
C-c M-r C-s C-t	Prefix Command
C-c M-r C-s C-d	Prefix Command
C-c M-r C-s d	hm--html-add-directory-list-to-region
C-c M-r C-s o	hm--html-add-numberlist-to-region
C-c M-r C-s u	hm--html-add-list-to-region
C-c M-r C-s m	hm--html-add-menu-to-region

C-c M-r C-f a	hm--html-add-address-to-region
C-c M-r C-f h	hm--html-add-header-to-region
C-c M-r C-f t	hm--html-add-title-to-region
C-c M-r C-f control hm--html-add-title-and-header-to-region
C-c M-r C-f b	hm--html-add-body-to-region
C-c M-r C-f meta hm--html-add-head-to-region
C-c M-r C-f f	hm--html-add-full-html-frame-with-region

C-c M-r C-a t	hm--html-add-link-target-to-region
C-c M-r C-a l	hm--html-add-normal-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a C-p	hm--html-add-local-proggate-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a p	hm--html-add-proggate-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a C-w	hm--html-add-wais-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a w	hm--html-add-direct-wais-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a control hm--html-add-mailto-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a m	hm--html-add-mail-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a n	hm--html-add-news-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a C-f	hm--html-add-ftp-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a f	hm--html-add-file-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a g	hm--html-add-gopher-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a i	hm--html-add-info-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a h	hm--html-add-html-link-to-region
C-c M-r C-a r	hm--html-add-relative-link-to-region

C-c M-r C-o f	hm--html-add-form-to-region

C-c M-r C-w ESC b hm--html-add-big-to-region
C-c M-r C-w ESC s hm--html-add-small-to-region

C-c M-r C-s C-t C-t hm--html-add-table-title-to-region
C-c M-r C-s C-t t hm--html-add-table-to-region

C-c M-r C-s C-d e hm--html-add-description-entry-to-region
C-c M-r C-s C-d t hm--html-add-description-title-to-region
C-c M-r C-s C-d l hm--html-add-description-list-to-region