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TECFA (Educational Technology Unit)
Geneva interaction lab
Faculty of Education and Psychology
University of Geneva
40, Bd. du Pont d'Arve,
CH1205 Genève, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 705 9376

Our unit is located on the 6th floor of "Uni Mail"
(south-east corner / Salève side)

How to get there

• by public transit:
From the train station (Cornavin), take number 4 Bus (direction: "Voirets" or "ZIPLO") and get out at "Uni Mail" (about 5 stops). The whole ride takes about 10 minutes. To identify this bus station watch for the following : At some point the bus will follow an avenue with a sort of park to your left. There will be one bus stop in the beginning of this area (Place de Cirque) and one in the middle (Ecole de Medecin). The next stop is Uni Mail, which is a large modern pink building to you right (stepping out of the bus).

• by car :
Take the highway to Geneva
Make sure to take the southern fork/expressway (if you want to avoid traffic), i.e.:
first fork after the border coming from Lyons,
last fork before the border coming from Lausanne (drive all around Geneva !)
If you come from Italy: When still in France follow the signs for Geneva Airport, BUT take the first fork after the border)
Then stay on Expressway to Genève (do NOT exit from the highway system !)
Take the third exit (wake up after 3 tunnels) and exit "Acacias" / Genève-Centre, drive towards Geneva.
Drive down a long road (route des Acacias). After crossing a bridge (over the Arve River) our building is to the left. It's huge, modern and pink. Take a left turn at the red lights and try to find parking space :). There is an expensive parking garage below our building

• by TAXI :
Tell them to take you to us. You can trust them, but they are very expensive.

Maps of Geneva
Geneva Map Server (Canton) * Geneva City Map Server * TPG (Public Transports: maps, path finder, etc.)