Teaching and Learning with the Web: Projects

"Teaching and Learning with the Web" will have a home page on this server. For the moment materials are either kept in the WWW '94 workshop page or in the WWW VL on Educational Technology.

At the Workshop "Teaching & Learning with WWW", the participants also agreed to form three main working groups, which will use the www-courseware list at EIT to discuss and provide:

ACCESS - material
for students and teachers to get started teaching with the Web
SERVERS - material
on how to run servers and other tech stuff
HTML - material
on how to write 'good' HTML pages for teaching purposes.
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The EIT list is kept in a www-browsable archive. (See these instructions on how to subscribe). Note, that you can also use this list for discussing general issues on education and the WWW.

Everyone is encouraged to join us in preparation of these materials helpful to teachers and students. Actual work is unlikely to begin before July. For the time being, the WS organizers will coordinate these groups.