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(Formula for your contributions to the collection of examplary uses of NTIC in education)

Title : Choose the title of your exemplary use of NTIC

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public concerned : (e.g. primary, secondary, upper-secondary, professional, adult education, etc)

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Date : (date of writing of this description)

Summary : In this space, you are asked to sum up the whole of the items of the following page. It is therefore advisable to begin by drafting the contents of the items listed below (Pedagogical aspects,...,Additional remarks).

Keywords :

Pedagogical aspects : e.g. Presentation of the chosen exemplary use accompanied by a brief description of the context of this experience.

Learning aspects : e.g. Description of the activities on the students' part.

Teaching aspects : e.g. Description of the aims and/or the activities of the teacher.

Technical aspects : e.g. Presentation of technical requirements (type of material, of software, etc).

Social aspects : e.g. Description of the social considerations taken into account by the use described.

Cultural aspects : e.g. Description of the cultural considerations taken into account by the use described.

Institutional (management) and logistic aspects : e.g. Account of relations with institutional decisions (choice of teaching means) and of logistic considerations (availability of material).

Necessary conditions : e.g. Presentation of favourable conditions that have enabled the experience to take place (availability of the computer laboratory, etc).

Additional remarks : e.g. Any information that would help to improve the comprehension of a satisfactory use of the NTIC described in this formula.