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  1. Academic: Educational Computing
  2. Academic: Computing/New Technologies
  3. Academic: Cognitive Science/Psychology/HCI
  4. Academic: Education
  5. Academic: Others
  6. Organizations
  7. Government
  8. Commercial: Software Vendors
  9. Commercial: Services
  10. People
  11. Jobs


The Internet College Exchange (ICX) is a WWW site that employs a search engine that searches all 3200 US colleges and universities by certain criteria. College bound students can utilize this site very effectively in their college search. The site can be used by anyone with Internet access free of charge 24 hours a day.

Institutions & People

Let's hope nobody gets offended by this classification. The goal is include at least the major institutions in the fields of interest to Educational Technology. Help us to improve this.

Academic: Educational Computing (up to Contents)

Academic: Computing/New Technologies (up to Contents)

Academic: Cognitive Science/Psychology/HCI (up to Contents)

Academic: Education (up to Contents)

Academic: Others (up to Contents)

(and not yet classified...)

Organizations & non-profit groups (up to Contents)

Government (up to Contents)

Commercial: Software Vendors (up to Contents)

Commercial: Services (up to Contents)

People (up to Contents)

Entries have been deleted. The W3 has grown to big and I can't possibly do a good job here...

Jobs (up to Contents)

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