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  3. Educational Technology
    1. Index & Service Pages for Educational Technology
    2. => Educational VR (MUD) page, (Separate Page).
    3. The Web & writing WWW courseware
    4. Education Technology Journals
    5. Past Education Technology Conferences
    6. Programming, Hypertext, Multimedia & other fun
    7. Publications On-line
    8. Technology for the disabled
    9. Research Projects
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Hot Topics & Announcements

Search the Web for Topics of Interest (up to Contents)

Since many people are not aware that the Net (including the Web) can be searched in various ways, here is some encouragement: Note: you need a form supporting client for the following links! Note that you get more meaningful results if you use search engines like Yahoo to hunt for loosely defined topics. Larger indexes like Alta Vista turn out too many entries.

Examples of Search:

Educational Technology

This is in principle the most important section, but practice decided otherwise for the moment (I hope!!). Every now and then I will try to "round up" a topic. Important: please also check Institutions & People page for many interesting work going on!

Index & Service Pages for Educational Technology (up to Contents)

... and related fields like Instructional Technology

The Web & writing WWW courseware (up to Contents)

Note, that almost any home page has pointers on clients, servers and on how to write WWW (html) pages. This is our page.

Check also the sub-page Education on the Internet.

Educational Technology Journals (up to Contents)

Past Educational Technology Conferences (up to Contents)

Programming, AI, Multimedia, Hypertext & other fun (up to Contents)

This subsection will be unbundled when it grows.

Publications On-line (up to Contents)

Technology for the disabled (up to Contents)

Research Projects (up to Contents)

Please also consult directly the Institutions & People page.

Related Fields (index pages)

(how far should/can this grow??)

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