This page is totally dead and has not been maintained since 1997 or even before that. But I must say that link rot in only 10 years is impressive ;)

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Maintained by TECFA. Please note that "Education on the Internet" does not in principle concern "Education Technology". However, since people do send us a lot of pointers and since we use some, there we go ..... Note, however that we don't have the resources to bring this page to a top-quality level. Someone else should maintain such a list. To tell you the truth folks, I keep these pointers here in order to show what can be done with the Web :)

Table of Contents

  1. Education on the Net Indexes
  2. Distance Education
  3. Education Subjects on the Net
  4. Resources for Teachers (Subjects) on the Net
  5. WWW & Gopher Reference pages for education
  6. Education Journals
  7. Reference

Education on the Net Indexes (up to Contents)

See also Distance Education (the next section)

Distance Education (up to Contents)

  1. DE Indexes, Clearning Houses, etc.
  2. The UU/Gna Project: The Globewide Network Academy:
    Quote: "We are a global non-profit organization, and we intend to improve education by: Our goal is to creating a central global marketplace for courses. We welcome institutions involved with distance education to list courses with us and for individuals to submit course listings. Organizations listed in the our distance learning catalog and modify their course entries and access other GNA services via our services page."
  3. Other Network Education Projects:

Education Subjects on the Net (up to Contents)

  1. Multiple Courses/Subjects
  2. Single courses /subjects Please do have a look at other indexes !
  3. Exhibits & Museum pages for education:

Resources for Teachers (Subjects) on the Net (up to Contents)

  1. Specific Subjects

WWW & Gopher Reference pages for Education (up to Contents)

  1. General Servers (including at least some pointers to education, educational technologies, etc.). List below needs killing or updating !
  2. Education Pages

Education Journals (and other of interest) (up to Contents)

Reference (up to Contents)

  1. Bibliographies and Reference:
  2. Databases:
  3. Selected (Real) libraries:

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