VNET - entry

---- WATCH OUT. FILES IN here including this readme are COPIES, go up one directory level and go to the vnet official site !! ----

To connect to VNET, choose one of the links below. You must choose the version appropriate to your VRML browser or plug-in.

If you have... Select
Liquid Reality
or other VRML 2.0-compliant browser
CosmoPlayer 1.0
or other EAI-compatible browser
vnet (eai version)

After the VRML loads, wait for the Java applet to appear. If you are using the EAI version, the applet will appear inline (below the VRML window). If you are using the regular version, the applet will appear in a separate Java window.

When the window appears, type the name or handle you wish to use in the "name" field. Then select one of the given avatars to embody yourself. If you choose "custom", you may type a URL to any valid VRML object. Note that there is currently no check on the validity or size of an avatar. One place to look for avatars is the list of free models at SGI (although some of these aren't as "avatar-like" as others..).

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