The Circus Family

Meet a family of flexible robots
Test them and find out what they are able to do.
Play 'n learn: Find out about possibilities of controlling robots
What visitors can do
Visitors coming to this lot will first see from far the carousel - the symbol of circus.
Coming closer up they meet some members of the Circus Family.
The only text of the scene consists in several action commands.
Hence, visitors realize easily that something has to be done with these words.
How I did it
After having set up my concept, I started looking for useful elements.
On the CD-ROM VRML Lions I found first ingredients: Marvin, Yt, the trees.
Then I added the robot Jules which Daniel introduced to us in our course Staf2x.
Since each of these parts is in a separate wrl-file programmed by somebody else, each file has a different appearance on the screen: size, position, scale.
First, I had to adjust the five objects to make them appear as a group that makes sense.
Then I refined the positions by adding translations and rotations.
And finally, I changed the size and the place of the touchSensors with their texts.
In order to move the corresponding commands under the robots Marvin and Yt.
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