Learning Theories

Behaviorist Approach

Connectionism (E. Thorndike)

Contiguity Theory (E. Guthrie)

Drive Reduction Theory (C. Hull)

Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner)

Originality (I. Maltzman)

Sign Learning (E. Tolman)

Stimulus Sampling Theory (W. Estes)

Fonctionnalist Approach (Memory)

Dual Coding Theory (A. Paivio)

Gestalt Theory (Wertheimer)

Information Pickup Theory (J. Gibson)

Information Processing Theory (G. Miller)

Levels of Processing (F. Craik & R. Lockhart)

Structuralist Approach

Cognitive Flexibility Theory (R. Spiro, P. Feltovitch & R. Coulson)

Constructivist Theory (J. Bruner)

Elaboration Theory (C. Reigeluth)

Genetic Epistemology (J. Piaget)

Structural Learning Theory (J. Scandura)

Subsumption Theory (D. Ausubel)

Différential Approach

Aptitude-Treatment Interaction (L. Cronbach & R. Snow)

Multiple Intelligences (H. Gardner)

Structure of Intellect (J.P. Guilford)

Symbol Systems (G. Salomon)

Triarchic Theory (R. Sternberg)

Cognitivist Approach

ACT* (J. Anderson)

GOMS Model (Card, Moran & Newell)

GPS (A. Newell & H. Simon)

Repair Theory (K. VanLehn)

Script theory (R. Schank)

Soar (A. Newell et al.)

Humanist Approach

Adult Learning (P. Cross)

Andragogy (M. Knowles)

Experiential Learning (C. Rogers)

Functional Context (T. Sticht)

Phenomenonography (F. Marton & N. Entwistle)

Sociological Approach

Anchored Instruction (John Bransford & the CTGV)

Situated Learning (J. Lave)

Social Development Theory (L. Vygotsky)

Social Learning Theory (A. Bandura)

Instructionnist Approach

Component Display Theory (M.D. Merrill)

Conditions of Learning (R. Gagne)

Criterion Referenced Instruction (R. Mager)

Mathematical learning theory (R.C. Atkinson)

Modes of Learning (D. Rumelhart & D. Norman)


Algo-Heuristic Theory (L. Landa)

Cognitive Dissonance (L. Festinger)

Conversation Theory (G. Pask)

Double Loop Learning (C. Argyris)

Lateral Thinking (DeBono)

Mathematical Problem Solving (A. Schoenfeld)

Minimalism (J. Carroll)

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