A Python script to copy remote files locally

First a few shortcuts

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Standard Modules
os -- Python library reference
urllib -- Python library reference
sys -- Python library reference
tempfile -- Python library reference
regex -- Python library reference
posix -- Python library reference
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Handling Exceptions

And Here is the script's code

"""Copy remote files to the current directory.

USAGE  : geturls  URLDIR  FILE [ FILE ... ]

URLDIR	: the URL of a directory, like http://tecfa.unige.ch/tecfa/
FILE...	: the name(s) of a file(s) to fetch from that place

NOTE : should work for FTP, GOPHER and HTTP

import os,urllib,sys,tempfile,regex

tempfile.tempdir = os.curdir		# so that tempfiles sit and can be relinked in the current directory 


OK = 0
if  len(sys.argv) < 2 : 
	print 'missing argument(s)'
else :
	URLdir = sys.argv[1]
	if regex.match('\(http\|ftp\|gopher\)://',URLdir) < 0 :	
			print 'incorrect URL syntax'	
	else : OK = 1

if not OK : 
	print sys.argv[0],'-',__doc__

if not URLdir[-1]  ==  '/' : 
	URLdir = URLdir + '/'

for filename in sys.argv[2:] :
	try :
		completeURL = URLdir + filename
		print "Attempting retrieval of",filename
		tempfilename,headers = urllib.urlretrieve(completeURL)
	except :
		print "failed :",completeURL
	else :
		print 'retrieved',filename,'from',URLdir