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The TecfaMOO


The TecfaMOO project has been started as a small informal project in the fall of 1994. Currently we have been using MOO technology as CMC tool for our own teaching and research. Since April 1st 1995 our MOO has become the main technical vector in an effort to create a virtual space for European researchers and practicionars in Educational Technology. This project is supported partly by the European VMDL (``Virtual Mobility and Distance Learning'' project. MOO technology also plays a major role in recent European research funding bids (which all failed so far). Since April 95, TECFAMOO has an experimental World-Wide Web interface allowing to take increased benefits from both technologies. This latest development will increase our commitment to MOO technology and we particularly plan to invest in the following areas:

Daniel K. Schneider
Fri Feb 2 12:17:00 MET 1996