Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki

Daniel Schneider & Julien Da Costa

TECFA, University of Geneva


  1. Raise awareness of SMW potential for education and research
  2. Find other people interested in the subject
  3. Show what we have done so far
  4. Get some advice and have discussions
  5. Meet at Opensim/WikiSym 2014 ?

There ispotential


(Most) people cannot

Opportunities for SMW


Main tools:

Semantic Forms

Semantic Result Formats

Citizen science research

Case study 1:

Questions: Usability, voting

Improve wiki-based courses

Case study 2: "Bases psychop├ędagogiques" course

Questions: Aggregations for visualizations (1 data page per annotation)

Learning SMW

Plans 2014

Questions ?

Paper and slides available