For teachers, schools operators and the general public. They are published for dissemination throughout Europe, whenever possible by means of commercial publication.

A handbook of guidelines for good practice in the use of electronic mail, computer conferencing and "internetting" for teachers and schools operators (during 1998)

Training material - a seminar kit for teachers including the guidelines, transparencies, a trainers' guide (Summer 1998)

Articles in the specialised and general press

National mongraphs on the observation work done in classes

A Synthesis Report for the European Commission


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Specifications for electronic communication in school contexts, targetting electronic publishers (Summer 1998).

The production of these outputs is the responsibility of project partners. Production has started since the field work is completed, and will continue through the second year of the project. Schools will be encouraged to contribute to the publications through their comments on drafts and participation in developmental testing. Interested teachers in participating schools may be invited to take part in dissemination activities as trainers.


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