The Memolab Project

Short description
The research work reported here concerns the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to learning environments. A learning environment is a category of educational software where the learner's task is not to answer a predefined serie of questions but to explore a complex world with the assistance of computational agents. We implemented MEMOLAB as an instance of such a learning environment. In MEMOLAB, the learner creates a psychology experiment and then asks the system to simulate the results. ETOILE is a toolbox of MEMOLAB components that can be reused for similar learning environments.

Artificial intelligence, learning environment, artificial lab, teaching styles, human-computer collaboration.

The research team is multidisciplinary. It includes Patrick Mendelsohn , Boris Borcic , M. Hilario (now at CUI ) Pierre Dillenbourg and Daniel Schneider

The memolab research project was funded by the Swiss Research Fund under a special research program (PNR 23), entitled `Artificial Intelligence and Robotics'.

January 90 - June 93. Although the end of funding, we still develop the MEMOLAB system.

For more information, call or write to Pierre Dillenbourg