The LHM programme:

"Learning in Humans and Machines"

Short description
The mission of this programme is to advance our knowledge about learning from an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together - on a European scale - researchers from cognitive science, in particular from the areas of psychology, computer science (AI), and educational science.

The programme is funded and supported by ESF and is directed by Pr. Spada in Freiburg.

If you need complete information have a look at:
European Science Foundation Web Server in Strasbourg (F) and
LHM WWW server in Freiburg (G).

LHM is organised into five Task Forces on the following topics:

Artificial intelligence,machine learning, cognitive psychology,plus all the words used in the task force names above.

This is an international research programme. Two TECFA members belong to the steering committee: Patrick Mendelsohn and Pierre Dillenbourg (speaker for Task Force 5).

The European Science Foundation

1994 - 1997


Call for participation
The LHM initiative features a Junior Scientist Fellowship programme, among other things. Scientists from all European countries who are either working on their PhD now or have it completed not longer than four years ago can apply for fellowships. A fellowship will allow a scientist to join LHM workshops and to visit a senior scientistæs laboratory. Twenty fellowships are available for the period 1994-1995. (Another twenty fellowships are available for the period 1996-1997; a call for applications for this second batch will be posted in due time.). If you want to apply for a fellowship, please send in the following materials: Please state also which of the Task Forces mentioned above you would want to join as a first priority and sketch out in what way this Task ForceÆs theme relates to your own research. Scientists from all European countries can apply. Send these materials to: Prof. Dr. Hans Spada University of Freiburg Psychologisches Institut Niemensstr. 10 D-79085 Freiburg/Germany OR Prof. Dr. Lorenza Saitta Universit€ degli Studi di Torino Dipartimento di Informatica Corso Svizzera 185 I-10149 T orino/Italy

For more information, call or write to Pierre Dillenbourg or Patrick Mendelsohn . You can also contact Peter Reimann, the research coordinator either by fax (+ 49 761 203 2490) or by electronic mail ( Future documents will appear on the LHM FTP Server

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