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The principal participants are Pierre Dillenbourg , David Traum , Patrick Mendelsohn , and Daniel Schneider . Several students have also been involved in related projects using some of our experimental setting. These include Lydia Montadon, Patrick Jermann, and Maria Beatrice Ligorio.

We are currently in the second phase of the project, collecting and analyzing data on grounding in multi-modal collaboration. The domain we have chosen for the main task is solving mysteries in a MOO. The collaborators have connections to a specially created environment within TECFAMOO, a shared Whiteboard, and sometimes speech. In addition to conventional protocols of the langauge interaction, we also have access to the MOO actions that have been performed, and the drawings that are made and manipulated on the shared whiteboard and actions within the MOO. This Data is also available on the web, but protected by password, to prevent potential subjects from acidentally accessing the solution.To get a valid password enabling you to view the data, contact David Traum or Pierre Dillenbourg (David or Pierre on TECFAMOO).

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