Carezheimer's in brief

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease evolving over several years. During this period, the circle of acquaintances often has a key role in the care of the sick person. A responsibility which entails stress, exhaustion, anxiety, even depression and disease. " To help the caregivers " is thus a priority.

We suggest developing a dynamic and personalized simulation, thanks to the technologies of interactive narrative, allowing family caregivers to develop strategies of care in order to manage difficult situations with more ease. As a result, the use of the simulation will reduce the stress associated with the daily care.


If you are a family caregiver, you can contribute to this project. Carezheimer aim to support you to take care of your relatives with Alzheimer.

By helping us we hope to help all caregivers :

  • to learn to take better care of their relatives,
  • to improve interpersonal communication,
  • to lower stress inherent to care.

We would like to know your needs. We propose to meet you for a one hour group interview. The interview will be led by our psychologist Anna Laura Luiu.

Take contact with us ... at AnnaLaura.Luiu(at)


  • University of Geneva

  • Geneva University Hospital

  • FNS


A multidisciplinary and transversal team covering skills ranging from computer sciences to caregiving and going through applied psychology has been assembled to address the heterogeneous challenges of the project.

  • Prof Christian Lovis, MD, MPH

    Overall supervision will be done by the professor Lovis, chairman at the medical Information Sciences at the university hospitals of Geneva

  • Frédéric Ehrler, Ph.D.

    Computer sciences decisions will be under the responsibility of Dr. Ehrler, senior researcher at the University Hospital of Geneva

  • Nicolas Szilas, Ph.D.

    Specificities linked to the simulation and narrative technologies will be supervised by the Dr. Szilas

  • Prof. Giovanni Frisoni

    Prof. Frisoni will act as key contact for questions going on the Alzheimer disease

  • Prof. Nicolas Favez

    Prof. Favez will act as key contacts for questions going from family dynamic to educational issues

  • Prof. Mireille Betrancourt

    Prof. Betrancourt will act as key contact for questions going from family dynamic to educational issues

  • Anna Laura Luiu

    Psycologies researchs will be made by the doctorant Luiu Anna Laura

  • Lucie Chauveau

    Narrative technologies researchs will be made by the doctorant Lucie Chauveau


You can contact either the
Dr. Ehrler, the Dr. Szilas or the doctorants for further informations.