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4-1 Get connected first !

The WWW is free! However, you need access to a machine which is connected to the Internet and you should be familiar with the FTP Protocol. Throughout Europe, private customers can obtain dial-up Internet accounts by providers such as EUNET for a reasonable fee. In academia, most microcomputers have now potentially access to the Internet. Make sure that you have an appropriate TCP/IP software installed (especially under Windows). Then you can FTP a WWW client. We suggest getting Mosaic Netscape for UNIX, Mac and Windows via anonymous ftp from "ftp.mcom.com" or Mosaic NCSA from "ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu". If you work under MS-DOS, install Lynx (available at "ftp2.cc.ukans.edu". Lynx is also available for UNIX and VMS and works great over slow dial-up connections. For a demo of Lynx, you can telnet to "ukanaix.cc.unkans.edu". Login as "www". For most WWW server and client software, binaries are provided and installation is not too difficult.

Learntec 94 Article - 13 FEB 95
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