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4 Potential R and/or D Projects for Tecfa & Friends


Things that could be initiated now.

4.1 Global R&D Projects


CMC Systems for Distance Education

VEs for collaborative work and learning

Collaborative learning by doing environments

Intelligent Agents over and on the Net

Virtual Communities for Research and Work

4.2 More ``Focussed'' Research Questions


Social Grounding:


via object manipulation


What does social (``being there'') or sensual immersion (``VR'') bring to learning.

How to "encode" incentives for collaboration?

Situated Learning in a VE:

How do we design an environment for that ?

Cooperation tools for specific tasks:

e.g. negotiation, choice, design, etc.


both general (orientation, finding things, etc.) and focussed (e.g. within a Living Document)

Simulations and Interactive Exhibits:

a la Ticinse Village or PEPS.


Starting points in the MOO world: Ken's turing bots and Daniel's LISP-MOO Client.

VE Client Interfaces

What's the decent minimum ?

3-D / VRML extensions to the MOO

That should not be too hard technically speaking, but when does it make sense ?

Daniel K. Schneider
Wed Apr 24 02:00:59 MET DST 1996