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Interactive Cyberspace - TECFA whitepaper

Daniel K. Schneider
TECFA, Faculte de Psychologie et des sciences de l'education,
University of Geneva, Email: Daniel.Schneider@tecfa.unige.ch

April 24, 1996

DRAFT - Version 0.1


Virtual Environments for Education, Research and Life are interactive cyberspaces where many users can communicate and collaborate in various way. They also can build virtual like offices, books, blackboards, artificial persons and more. VEs should also provide optimal support for information storage, retrieval and manipulation.

This is a white paper written primarily for internal use, however it addresses general issues too. It's major goals are to:

  1. assemble few things (definitions, questions, pointers) in order to write a more substantial text.
  2. prepare TECFA's research and developpement in ``Cyberspace''.
  3. Implications for the curriculum of the (STAF diploma).
  4. produce a few ideas on how to set up our information and communication infrastructure in the future.

Daniel K. Schneider
Wed Apr 24 02:00:59 MET DST 1996