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TECFA LDAP Server Page

[This is a new service UNDER TEST - april 9 1999 / DKS]

Tecfa owns now a LDAP server:

What's in it now ? / Plans

1. The LDAP Search Page

Still under test: /tecfa-people/ldap-form.php


(Not really meant for the common End-User, they worked with Netscape, but Mozilla does not seem to implement them anymore, too bad !)


3. LDAP access from your addressbook

You can use our server with any LDAP Client (hopefully), see e.g. the configuration information for Netscape 4.5

Note, that without special configuration you will retrieve some useless entries that are in the LDAP database, but searching for a person's name works fine.

4. Our LDAP resouce page

Look at our LDAP page for more information about LDAP and LDAP Urls, clients, programmers interfaces and more ...
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