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The Mosaica experience

The Mosaica experience is based on the use of new technology in education. It is restricted to no more than 10 classes.
These classes must have access to computers and robotics (LEGO-Logo for example).
They must also have access to Internet and the use of Video-conference. If you want to take part in this experience, write to the general coordinators giving some basic information.
Mosaica is a fictional island from which an international teaching project has been launched.

Classes on different continents having access to the newest forms of communication technology work together, but at a distance, assembling a scale model of the island of Mosaica. This is done by the students themselves using their own technical and ecological ideas, propositions, solutions.

A certain number of classes (between 5 and 10) are designated Research Centers, set up to find solutions to the economic and ecological problems on the island and are responsible for building LEGO scale models.

Another class, the Central Laboratory is in charge of making the model itself and incorporating the best ideas.

The Research Centers and the Central Laboratory keep in contact throughout the school year using fax machines, Internet and video-conference.

As terms of reference, a guide gives general facts about the island. The students, depending on their tastes, their ideas and the schoolwork that they are undertaking on the subject, add to, clarify and complete these terms.

All the students groups involved undertake detailed studies of a certain number of principal themes (about 5) and are responsible for resolving all related problems using models.

The Research Centers are divided into groups. Each group studies one particular theme. The Research Centers are in constant contact with the Central Laboratory and students in the other groups who are studying the same theme.
This in order to collaborate in an exchange of ideas and to put them into practice or alter them, as the case may be.

Each video-Conference (normally 3 are foreseen) has a specific purpose :

  1. To get to know each other and to air the main themes.
  2. To discuss possible solutions to the problems.
  3. To show the finished work and to operate the scale models from a distance.

The final scale model, mock-ups representing solutions proposed and any of the work carried out (with the limited means to hand) by those classes participating in the PanGea program, will be displayed in an itinerant exhibition.

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