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      Virtual Library

      Project Overview

      This project intends to contribute directly to the virtual school activities within the wider EUN initiative by building an example of a Virtual Library which will help to:

      • create a new model of an educational learning site;
      • create an interactive environment on the Internet as a model for co-operation between schools;
      • develop the educational use of Internet resources;
      • create a school network for the documentation and development of didactic research activities on-line;
      • provide on-line resources for learning and make the resources produced by schools usable on-line;
      • encourage telematic communication and comparisons of the didactic experiences of schools from different countries.

      This new typology of an Internet resource will provide a model for interactive navigation applicable to all disciplinary areas, which makes it possible for schools, (including even primary school pupils), to directly explore a virtual 'world' and to gain direct personal experience of it. An innovative 3D interface will provide students with an easy-to-use method of navigating in this world. Via the interface, students will also be able to access in-depth information resources and, in particular, a database of multimedia material which is up-dated by schools themselves. The experience provided by this environment, therefore, will not be dissimilar to the experience that many young people derive from video games. However, the purpose of the project is not merely to capture the imagination of young people, but to do so by providing a world in which students can directly participate in the learning experience and actively contribute to it.

      Collaborating Partners

      Biblioteca di Documentazione Pedagogica (BDP), a public institution operating at national level under the control of the Italian Ministry of Education
      The Lambrakis Research Foundation (LRF), a public interest, private institution, founded in Athens in 1991
      Spanish Ministry of Education Programa de Nuevas Tecnologias de la Informacion y la Comunicacion (PNTIC)