EUN WP08 Meeting

November 11, 1999 from 9:00 to 16:30

Stockholm, Sweden (Swedish National Agency for Education)



1. Presentation of the VWE

  • Project overview
  • Overview of pedagogical visions
  • Overview of technological visions
  • VWE website launched at:
  • 2. Current status of the VWE

  • VWE Alpha 1, D8.2 (specification draft 1)
  • Kernel version is running. The Kernel is the part of the workspace that handles all interaction and activity within the VWE. It is built up by a number of modules for different tasks and is considered the "core" of the VWE. The Kernel modules can be identified as: an API module, Management module, GUI module, Storage module, Network module, and Metadata module.
  • Early versions of some tools (draw tool, form tool, chat tool, molecule viewer, word processing tool, user manager tool) have been implemented but not fully developed


    Technical partner task (technical implementation and development of the VWE alpha version)