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 Urs Richle
WikiViz and the semantic content of MediaWiki


* 24 ¦ 06 ¦ 1965


trois enfants


TECFA, Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education
Université de Genève
CH-1211 Genève 4
tel. 41 22 379 9374
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WikiViz is a MediaWiki-extension to visualize semantic MediaWiki-content, developed by Urs Richle for TECFA, University of Geneva.
The links between articles, categories, images, authors and urls are represented in different colors by a dynamic conceptual-map. WikiViz can be used as a [[cognitive-tool]] for knowledge-management or educational training.

The development of this extension has some side-products:


The semantic Wiki content in different forms:

The semantic content for the Tecfa-MediaWiki is described by a topic map. Topic Maps is a ISO standard to describe semantic contents. Standard ISO 13250  
View the Tecfa MediaWiki-TopicMap as a XTM-file view  
To download the XTM-file: go to view and save the file (right-click and save)    
Browse the semantic content through the topic map with TMBrows from TM4J.org browse  
Get theWiki-topic map or other semantic content from the MediaWiki-WebService. This MediaWiki extension uses the NuSOAP library. Web Service  
Read the MediaWiki-WebService installation guide WS-installation guide  
Download the MediaWiki-WebService extension download  
Web Service Client    
An example of a Web Service Client with explanations and code-source is on the Tecfa server. Web Service-Client  
Read the MediaWiki-WebServiceClient installation guide WS-Client-installation  
Download the full MediaWiki-WebServiceClient (written in PHP) download  
View the Tecfa MediaWiki-Touchgraph XML data view  
WikiViz: Go to the Wiki-visualization-page. This visualization uses an adapted version of the Linksbrowser Java-Applet from TouchGraph.

Second example:
WikiWiz on www.szenen.org

Brows the WikiViz documentation WikiViz-Documentation  
Read the WikiViz installation guide WikiViz-installation-guide  
Download WikiViz.1.10 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.10.x) download  
Old versions:    
Download WikiViz.1.4 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.4.x) download  
Download WikiViz.1.5 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.5.x) download  
Download WikiViz.1.6 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.6.x) download  
Download WikiViz.1.8.2 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.8.x) download  
Download WikiViz.1.12 - MediaWiki extension (for MediaWiki 1.12) download  
TMNav: Explore the Tecfa MediaWiki-TopicMap with TMNav from TM4J.org TM4J  
Download TMNav and run it on your own machine
It comes with the Tecfa-MediaWiki-TopicMap
Omnigator: Explore the Wiki-topic map with Omnigator from ontopia.net Ontopia  
Download the trial version of Omnigator and run it on your own machine