This is the installation page of the text version of IDtension.

Technical pre-requesite: having Java installed (JRE).

The installation requires 4 steps:

  1. Download Dtension
  2. Execute the .jar file and proceed with installation. On Windows, do not use the standard "Program Files" or "programs" directory but choose another directory for installation.
  3. Play the video at docs/userguide.wmv (do not play with IDtension directly)
  4. Launch the story by executing either [storyName].bat (Windows) or [storyName].sh (MacOs). Note that on MacOs, you might need to open a Terminal, go to the directory of IDtension and type the command "[storyName].sh" manually.

For curious folks: the files included in the distribution are not meant to be visualized or modified. Other tools exist for that. For further information, please contact: nicolas.szilas[at]