Interview analysis :

First of all, we want to thank, Mr. Ackerman, who helped us a lot to manage this interview. Mr. Ackerman, wich we contacted invited us to " have a cup of the " and started to reveal the main secrets of a job that we were going to touch lightly. After making a concret plan of the question with a few tips, we interview him, on his demand (the casette of this preperation interview is at your disposition by Michael). During the real interview, that helped us a lot !

Clément Tolusso is Greenpeace's spokesman since 6 years. Our goal for this interview was to have an extreme opinion on the subjet. However, as his answer to our last question confirmes it : " that means that we a nether for nor against technology. We are against the bad use that could be made of it ! " It is very hard to be against this point of view.

This interview brought us several good points :

About Greenpeace'

s position, Mr. Tolusso states it clearly : " No skattering, some controls, obligation to declare exportation and to obtain autorisation to import from the importercountry (...) "

 We have had a very good contact with M.Tolusso, he thanked us for our interest, distributed us quantity of brochures about the subject and couraged us for the folowing.

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