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Projet YRE 99-2000 à Genève

GMOs = Generally Malign Organisms ?

O.G.M. : Organismes Généralement Malsains?


Full report ( french) available

This is an analysis about the Genetic Modified Organisms. In the whole report there is question to know how the G.M.O. (O.G.M. in French) are "created", how it is done, to get, from an original cell, to get a new one, with a better genetic configuration, and afterwards from the different dangers that such organisms could create. And we explore then the huge chapter of the "good points" of the G.M.O.

Some examples are used to illustrate the techniques that are used.

We especially accentuated our work on the vegetables, the corn, the plants.

First there is spoken from the method used for creating an G.M.O, the transformation techniques, the direct transfer, the indirect transfer, the following of the expression of the new gene…

The second chapter is about the dangers that the G.M.O. could bring to the nature, to the market, to the economy, and to the little food productions.

There is also spoken about the ecological danger, the ethic problems of using such organisms, and at last but not at least, about the consummator.

After the different methods used to create G.M.O, after the chapter of the problems of the G.M.O. we speak from the interests of using such stuff, the agricultural aspect, the economic aspect, and the ecological aspect.

Those different themes are illustrated with some explications, a glossary, an analysis, a small historic, and the material and the method used to build this report.

Lucas Carretero, Patrice Copin

Full report (french)

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