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wTool - Workshop Organization Tool for PostNuke

  1. What is is
  2. When to use it
  3. What is helps you do
  4. Features and screenshots
  5. Running examples
  6. Download and install

What it is

Workshop Tool is a workshop organization and management module built for PostNuke.

When to use it

The organization of a workshop can be considered as a learning event. TECFA therefore grounds its orchestration on socio-constructivist principles and we designed a Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) tool called Workshop Tool. Its three-step organizational framework is inspired by Laurillard's (1995) Conversational Framework which requires four steps (discursive, adaptive, interactive, reflexive) to turn learning into a shared information issue. The three sections (your answers, answers by question and answers by author) of the Workshop Tool allow the participants first to enter position statements and then comment and re-articulate them.

What it helps you do

  1. Position Statement
    Post your staments for each topic in the "Your statements" pages
  2. Comments and re-articulation
    Statements are reviewed, and graded by the workshop organizers. There are 4 grades (accepted, minor revision, major revision and refused)
    Based on the grades, participants are either accepted or refused. Refused participants have the posibility to re-articulate their statements and to submit them again for approval. All participants have the opportunity to annotate the others' participants statements.
  3. Synthesis
    For the workshop, participants and organizers will be able to print a friendly version of every participants' statements and comments.


Administrator [screenshots]

User [screenshots]

Running examples

Download and install


Must have PostNuke 0.723x or higher


View the latest source code in tecfaseed CVS

Download Workshop Tool 1.0 beta


1. Extract the wTool archive and drop the content your PostNuke module directory:
- Windows: Use Winzip (or any other extracting to) to extract wtool.zip
- Unix: Type 'tar xvfs wtool.tar.gz' at the prompt

2. From your PostNuke administration go to:

3. Add the module inside a block (e.g. Main menu) by adding a new line that should look like that:
Title:Workshop Tool
Decsription:Workshop organization tool

    fg - 02/2003