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Search the Spider Bibliography


The entries of interest to the MUD/MOO community are integrated in a bibliography on educational technology (under construction), so you may even search for something else than MUDs.

This search engine interface is quite new, so please admire it as is :)

Keywords of interest (right now) are: MUD, MOO, WWW, CMC, learning, education. The search engine will take words as input, also words with a wildcard at the end, e.g. ``M*'' or Curt*. You can enter several words, e.g. ``staf14, MUD, MOO, WWW'' or ``staf14 MUD MOO WWW'' (both do the same).

The real search page is here: HERE

Daniel K. Schneider
jeudi, 15 février 1996, 16:16:58 MET