TecfaMOO Projects

We started the TecfaMOO around November 1994. At that time it wasn't a real project, but something like "let's have MOO and see what we can do". A few ideas have come up since then, i.e. see the short information on TecfaMOO (including a list research questions). Some of those ideas have turned into more serious projects or at least "usages".

Spreading the News ....

(Documentation, Teaching, and Technology Transfert)

Documentation on MOOs and MOOing

Documentation on MOOs and MOOing is sometimes hard find and certain things are missing. Therefore we decided to spend some effort on that.

MOO Education at TECFA

Technology Transfert: Increase the popularity of MOOs

E.g. "Easy" publications and conferences, as well as organization of workshops. Blurbs on MOOs can be found in: Workshops and Tutorials:

"Real" Research Projects involving TecfaMOO

MOO as CMC Tool for teaching and cooperation

Some of these uses of TecfaMOO might be turned into research projects. (remember that Tecfa is a unit in educational technology, so we might do some self-observation too).

For more information about educational and research MOOs: start from TECFA's WWW page on educational MUDs.
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