WWW5 Workshop on VEs and the WWW

at the Fifth International World Wide Web Conference.


1. Discussion Server ***

A WWW-based discussion/annotation forum at http://spsyc.nott.ac.uk:5555 has been used to prepare the workshop and to organize activities after the workshop. Original papers prepared by the participants are integrated into its "Living Document System".

This Forum is open for everybody interested in Virtual Environments. ----------------

2. Accepted papers (including printables)

Includes: Home pages of some participants, a list of guest, original papers, pointers to "Living Document System" versions of papers, link to a FTP directories with Postscript files.

3. Participants and Abstracts

A copy of the page sent to the organizers (Yes we just might merge the 2 lists after the workshop).

4. Issues extracted from the position papers

Issues can be viewed in various ways in the Living Document System. E.g. they can be found by looking at the Position Paper List or via the issue overview.

5. Discussion Material

Discussion Material for the 9 group discussions can be produced from the Group Discussion Page or from the above issues list. Participants did receive the printed version (see the list below) as handouts.
A-1: Information Representation, chaired by Jenifer Tennison
A-2: User Interfaces and Clients, chaired by Gavin Bell
A-3: Integration of the 'real world', chaired by Doree Duncan Seligmann
B-1: Spatial Organisation and Navigability, chaired by Jolanda Tromp
B-2: Collaboration and CSCW in VEs, chaired by Daniel Schneider
B-3: Large Scale systems and distributed architectures, chaired by Yoshiaki Araki
C-1: Community (Users, Social Aspects, Evolution etc), chaired by Rob van der Haar
C-2: Integration of the WWW, chaired by Chris Hand
C-3: Objects in collaborative Work, chaired by chaired by Jay M. Williams

6. Workshop Results

*** Workshop results are not available yet (May 20 1996), but some transcripts are:

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