'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO Client

"the client that lets you SURF,
from the convenience of your own MOO TURF..."


Thank you for your interest in the 'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO client. This Java based client was designed by the CollegeTown MOO development team at Buena Vista University to make it easy for MOO users to view and display Web Pages from inside their virtual communities. MOO administrators who wish to make this client available to their users may consult the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS below. Using the S&T client you can create MOO objects and attach Web Page addresses to them. You can then 'view object' to bring up the page on your own browser screen or 'display object' to bring up the associated Web Page on the browser screens of everyone else in the room. The purpose of this client is to make collaborative web viewing as simple as possible. Additional moo coded objects such as web slide projectors are available on CollegeTown for porting if you wish.
Want to Try it out? Press here to activate the client and pay a visit to CollegeTown, Buena Vista University's virtual community.
(Caveat: The S&T Client works best when accessed through Netscape under Windows 95. It will not work as well on Macs until Netscape has fully implemented Mac Java socket connectivity.)

Using the S&T Client

Using the S&T Client to create a MOO object with an associated Web Page is extremely simple.
Suppose you have a picture of your new puppy on a web page somewhere and you want to look at that picture from inside the MOO. Just type:
    @create $thing named ZeldaPicture
    connect ZeldaPicture to http://www.bvu.edu/faculty/schweller/zelda.jpg
    view ZeldaPicture
and Bingo! Zelda's cute little picture pops right up on the web part of the screen. If you want to show Zelda's picture to everyone in the room just type:
    drop ZeldaPicture
    display ZeldaPicture
and everyone in the room using this client will see the little pup!
You can make MOO objects and link them to all sorts of things. Here are some ideas:

Additional Help

The T&S Client also includes additional features to make the online editing of notes, verbs, and ascii drawings much simpler. This is accomplished by making the MOO screen itself 'editable' so you can, for example, read your note, edit its contents right on the screen, and then resave the edited text. For full instructions on the use of the 'Surf_and_Turf' Client press here. If you would like to try out the client you may press here to visit CollegeTown.

Installation Instructions for MOO administrators:

Comments Welcome

The 'Surf_and_Turf' Web-MOO client was developed by Ken Schweller and the CollegeTown Development Team of Blanchard, Goodrich, and Schaecher. The 'Surf_and_Turf' client is still under development . Please send additional ideas, comments or bug reports to schweller@bvu.edu

Copyright Notice

* Copyright (c) 1996-1997 Buena Vista University
* This client is available free in executable format for non-commercial use.
* Ken Schweller and the CollegeTown Moo development team reserve the sole
* rights to modify and distribute this software.
* This product is still under development and we do not guarantee it to be 
* free of
* bugs or to work correctly at all times. It is not designed for use in any
* situation which is high risk or requires near fail-safe performance.