Webbed MOOs

Workshop proposal for the Fourth International World Wide Web Conference ``The WEB Revolution'', December 11-14, 1995, Boston

Webbed MOOs developed from two technologies. Firstly, MOOers were trying to find ways to make the MOOing experience more three-dimensional by adding other media alongside the usual text. Secondly, people working with the WWW needed more adaptive and flexible ways of representing the information they wanted to publish. With the bringing together of the two technologies, the goal of adaptive, structured hypermedia was partly achieved.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the emerging technology of webbed moos and where it should go from here. It will examine the present state of the technology and ask how it can be improved to make the most of extensions to clients and the introduction of new data types such as VRML. It will look at ways to improve the existing structure of webbed MOOs and how to construct some standard guidelines for the webbing of MOOs. In addition, the setting up of structures for formal discussion of webbed MOOs will be discussed.


Workshop and program chairs:
Jenifer Tennison,(Nottingham University), Email: jft@psychology.nottingham.ac.uk (Contact Person)
Samuel Latt Epstein (SenseMedia).
(Other) members of the program committee:
Gavin Bell,(Nottingham University),
Daniel K. Schneider, (University of Geneva),
Marcus Speh (Andersen Consulting),
half day

Prospective participants for the workshop are asked to submit a short position paper outlining their interest in webbed MOO technology and their present knowledge of it. This will help to guide the discussion onto areas of interest for all participants. Those wishing to attend should have at least some knowledge of MOOing and what it involves, with preferably some experience on the running of webbed MOOs. An outline of some of the topics to be covered are given below. Participants are required to submit a paper in html format (preferable a link to some server of their choice) 2 weeks before the workshop, so that the workshop itself can concentrate on discussion, and not presentation.

Workshop Topics

Themes that we hope to discuss include but are not limited to:

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