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Social features at DU

---------------------------------------------------------------- DU May 30 /95

>help #2212
Social Verb Core (#2212):
This is the ultimate repository for social verbs.  Do "feelings" to get a list of all of them at once.  Most are both "lonely" and "social".
The code is mostly stolen from Sick/Delores@LambdaMOO, with original modifications.

#2212:social comfort wink yawn wave cackle giggle cry poke shrug blush cringe smirk nod smile laugh sigh chuckle hug kiss bow vnod brb grin clap cheer whuggle heh
Syntax: <verb> [<player>]

#2212:unsocial bounce cuddle curtsey hkiss highf ruffle shiver snuggle tackle tickle wiggle cgrin salute boot claugh purr brow booga xgrin wait tap pout gasp thwap groan mgroan moan amoan
Syntax: <verb> [<player>]

#2212:useful note pnote hmm manner dictionary list
Syntax: <verb> [<player>]

Current Social Verbs:
blush               comfort             kiss                smirk
bow                 cringe              laugh               vnod
brb                 cry                 nod                 wave
cackle              giggle              poke                whuggle
cheer               grin                shrug               wink
chuckle             heh                 sigh                yawn
clap                hug                 smile               
Current Weird Social Verbs:
amoan               cuddle              moan                tackle
booga               curtsey             pout                tap
boot                gasp                purr                thwap
bounce              groan               ruffle              tickle
brow                highf               salute              wait
cgrin               hkiss               shiver              wiggle
claugh              mgroan              snuggle             xgrin
Current Truly Useful Social Verbs:
dictionary          list                note                
hmm                 manner              pnote               


Note the effects of some the ``Truly Useful Social Verbs'' which are suited for ``serious'' discussions:

  >hmm Agate_Guest
  You hmm at Agate_Guest.

  >list Agate_Guest
  You listen carefully to Agate_Guest.

  >note Agate_Guest
  You make a mental note of what Agate_Guest said.

  >pnote Agate_Guest
  You take out a notepad and write down what Agate_Guest said.

The others will see:

  Kaspar hmms at you.
  Kaspar listens carefully to you.
  Kaspar makes a mental note of what you said.
  Kaspar takes out a notepad and writes down what you said.

Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET