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The MOO as new form of text and literature


One of the most interesting aspects of MOOs are their linguistic dimensions in several aspects.

In a very first perspective, MUDs (and associated phenomena) have created a new form of language that is neither written, nor oral, nor in between. It has implications and potential that is not fully explored yet, e.g. see: [Cherny, 1994b], [Cherny, 1995a], [Cherny, 1995b], [McDonough, 1995], [Serpentelli, 1995].


Note, that new language is always tied to new forms of thinking and social interaction. (See chapter: 8).

Third, all MOOs can be considered as literature several levels: descriptions, layout, properties of artefacts, (at least some) of the living exchanges between participants. Especially social MOOs (such as LambdaMOO) and some simulation/gaming MOOs (like 2025) are worth being mentionned as sorts of ``living'' books through which one can wander in awe sometimes. Some MOOs are specializing in being an explicit literary medium or are at least devoted to literature, like University of Texas Computer Writing and Research Lab's AcademICK MOO, PMC MOO from the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (University of Virginia), Hypertext Hotel (telnet link).

Daniel K. Schneider
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