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Education Tools at Diversity University


Donald, in his Education MOOs and Tools article quotes a number educational artifacts available at DU:

  5) Education Tools: Generic objects at Diversity University

Some notable Educational Tools at Diversity University including
ported ones, known affiliations do not imply development sites.
NOTE: These lists are not complete but attempt to be accurate.

* Larry and Joe@JaysHouseMOO (Grump and JoeFeedback)
   - 'MOOGopher'(Copyright (c)1992, 1993, Larry Masinter and Erik Ostrom)
     was implemented at JaysHouseMOO and is a useful tool found in most MOOs.

* Ken or cdr (@Collegetown, @media, @DU)
   - Media set 'TV', 'VCR', 'Camera', and 'Tape' showing text has an
     'Editing room' to transform raw 'Tapes' into a polished product.
   - 'Lecture note' lines can be prepared ahead of time.
   - 'Slide shows' can display 15 lines of text at once.
   - 'Classrooms' include 'blackboards', 'seats' and other features.
   - Other Education objects include the 'Theatre complex',
     a 'conversational robot' and introductory MOO Programming tapes.

* Michele (@JaysHouseMOO)
   - Walk through '@Tutorial program' from JaysHouseMOO
    is very easy to use, even for a beginner.

* Gustavo (@BioMOO, @GNAlab, @DU, etc.)
   - 'Generic Recording device' records activity in a room.
   - 'InterMOO feature object' allows communications across MOOs.
   - 'GNA forum' is a virtual conference room that straddles
     BayMOO, BioMOO, CollegeTown, Diversity University, EON,
     Global Village, GNAlab, MediaMOO, TecfaMOO and VOU
     in five different countries.
   - 'InterMOOwalk' moves characters from GNAlab to BioMOO or back.
   - BioMOO/WWW interface developers include Eric Mercer, Paul Hansen,
     Jaime Prilusky, and Gustavo Glusman.

* Jeanne with programming by Richelieu(@DU)
   - 'VSPO', the visiting student character class allows teachers to
     control class and handle some administrative work as well.

* Mogue
   - 'simulation rooms' like 'Agincourt' show 100 year war. Experience
     history from the perspective of various period characters.

* DaveM
   - 'notice board' is an all purpose tool created to save 'quota'.
     It finds use as a bulletin board, a note book, a variable slide
     projector, and a tutorial and, now has its own mailing list even.
   - 'Tutorial room' also saves quota and is easy to use.
     Hypertext versions are in development.

* Doppler
   - 'slide show' stores presentations in a variable length format.

* Richelieu
   - 'Generic chaptered Book' (@copyright Richelieu) has chapters.

* Shkoo@EON  (@BioMOO, nils@DU)
   - 'WWW slate' is a World Wide Web text based browser. Shkoo first
     implemented the WWW slate at EON, where the server is.

PLEASE! : To 'port' the MOO programming code of any MOO object to another
MOO, please contact and obtain permission of the original author.
This is a courtesy that also helps the author to distribute upgrades.

Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET