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Building on CollegeTown


Among all educational MOOs, College Town probably comes closest to TECFAMOO. There are differences, e.g. building rules at TECFA are (and will probably remain) less strict (e.g. geography can spread out of Geneva, and even known space and time) and we do not plan make available our MOO to very young kids.

Here are CollegeTown's building rules as of March 27 1995:

----------------------------------------------------------------- CT 4/95

>look building
  1) All rooms and objects must comply with our overall theme. We are a 
     small college town situated in the scenic countryside. Our mission is
     to provide a platform for academic research and learning. Recognizing
     that a great deal of real research and learning goes on 'outside the
     classroom' we are augmenting the classrooms with a realistic nurturant
     community. Creative thinking may find its freeest play while walking
     on a beach and a small seminar may become much more meaningful if
     hosted at a colleague's home in the woods...     
  2) All rooms must be connected. (Ask any wiz for assistance.)
     Every exit should be listed/shown.  Hidden exits are discouraged.
     'Leave', 'oleave', and 'oarrive' messages should be set on each exit.
  3) Room descriptions should be a combination of text/graphics not to
     exceed 20 lines. Rationale: The average screen holds 24 lines of text.
     One line is used for the name of the room and at least 3 lines should be
     reserved for listing contents and occupants.
  4) The spatial integrity of the moo *must* be respected. If your house is
     in the  Primeval Forest you cannot logically have an exit to the
     Western Shore <grin>. Fantastical teleport type exits are discouraged.
  5) Generally one room is sufficient for a house.
     Use 'out' to leave your house.
     Housing Sites are listed in the HOUSING INFO bulletin.
  6) Please remember that this MOO serves children as well as adults. Do
     not build anything you would not want your own child to encounter. Rooms
     have a special toggle that you can set to keep kids out if there is any
  7) Because of our realistic environment we encourage REAL NAMES, common
     nicknames, or real name variants. We are not a phantasy moo.
  8) The building of weapons is expressly forbidden.
  9) Additional quota may be requested for building rooms and objects in the
     public interest, subject to wiz/council review.


Daniel K. Schneider
vendredi, 16 février 1996, 13:41:58 MET